What is PREP?
PREP identifies unemployment compensation (UC) claimants who may need additional job skills, training, or other reemployment services to find new employment. These services are provided through PREP.

How are UC Claimants Selected for PREP?
When a new UC application is filed, the claimant's work characteristics profile is compare to profiles of previous claimants who exhausted their UC benefits before they found a new job. Claimants who are identified through this process are selected to attend a PREP Orientation/Assessment interview.

What Happens at this PREP Orientation/Assessment?
You will receive information about PREP services and your rights and responsibilities while participating in the program. You will be asked to complete a PREP Needs Assessment Survey and participate in an assessment of your needs to help determine what your next step in PREP may be.

What PREP Services Can You Receive?

  • An assessment to identify your strengths or barriers to getting a new job prior to referral to reemployment services.
  • Counseling may be scheduled if you need help in changing occupations, special training or referral to another assistance agency.
  • Resume writing help, listings of local and national job openings, publications and self-help materials to help you in your job search are available at Career Resource Centers in all Pennsylvania CareerLink offices.
  • Job Search Workshops, when needed, will teach you how to set up and follow an organized job-hunting plan.
  • Job Referral and Placement Services that match available jobs with your job skills and work experience

Additional services might include:

  • Training or classroom education
  • Labor Market Information
  • Veteran services provided

Are UC Claimants Required to Participate in PREP Services?
If you are selected for PREP services, you will be notified of your reporting requirements. Failure to attend the PREP Orientation/Assessment or failure to participate in reemployment services may result in your disqualification from UC payments for the week in which the failure occurs. Exemptions may be offered if you have recently received or are currently receiving similar reemployment services or approved training. When requesting exemption, you will need to provide proof of participation in approved programs or training.

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