If you plan to return to school to train for a career, it is essential that you thoroughly research the quality of training before you enroll. Take steps to ensure that the training you select is high quality. The following are some tips on how to choose a school that’s right for you whether it’s a private career school, public vocational-technical school, community college or four year college.

  1. Did you receive a tour of the school?
  2. Did you receive a school catalog?
  3. Was information about the school’s completion rates available?
  4. Was the option of talking with graduates or employers available?
  5. Did the school permit you to observe classes, meet instructors and talk to students before enrolling?
  6. Did the school admissions representative clearly explain admission procedures, paperwork, agreements and refund policies? Did you receive copies of everything you signed?
  7. Did someone clearly explain the cost of tuition, fees, uniforms, activities, equipment, supplies and the estimated cost of books? Did you receive these costs in writing?
  8. Did the school explain the various financial assistance programs?
  9. Did the school explain your repayment responsibilities when using a student loan?
  10. Did the school clearly explain: What skills you will lean? How many classes are lecture? How many are hands-on classes?
  11. Does the school have modern and adequate equipment?
  12. Are there courses required that are outside your specific career area?
  13. If the school offers externships, internships, or apprenticeships, were the guidelines and hours clearly explained?
  14. Was a list of companies that hire the school’s graduates available?
  15. Does the school help you prepare for your job search? Did the school specifically explain how the placement department will assist you?

As a potential student at any school, you deserve straightforward answers to all of these questions.

If a school is unwilling or unable to provide you with the information you are seeking, you should give careful thought to whether this school is the best choice for you.

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